Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Miss Scissorhands

 This Halloween I found a Miss Scissorhands costume! I love it! Typically I make my own Halloween costumes but I couldn't figure out what to be, and when I ran across this one I had to have it!! Halloween is seriously the best holiday ever. What is your costume!?!?
Happy (early) Halloween Everyone!


  1. I bought exaclty this one in amazon, what is your size? I bought the M size, but I´m afraid to look too small!Btw, looks really good on you, I´m really excited for halloween!!!

    1. Hi Jade,
      Sorry for the late reply! I haven't even posted my costumes from this year!
      I bought a size M and it fit great, don't no if that helps now. Hope yours worked out for you :)

      Happy Halloween!