Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Miss Scissorhands

 This Halloween I found a Miss Scissorhands costume! I love it! Typically I make my own Halloween costumes but I couldn't figure out what to be, and when I ran across this one I had to have it!! Halloween is seriously the best holiday ever. What is your costume!?!?
Happy (early) Halloween Everyone!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Raid My Closet

Wildfox Couture leotard
Harveys seatbeltbag
Unif Meow top
Unif Nightcat dress
James Jeans Moto
All of these are for sale! I'm hoping to make some extra cash to get a new camera for my blog so the pictures are more crisp. So go check it out and see if there is anything you like. Also if anyone has any suggestions on cameras in an affordable price range please share I would love some suggestions and tips. Thanks! xoxo, Alyssa 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


A few years back my family started hosting an Oktoberfest. My dad brews beer and makes wine which is my fave! It has become a tradition now, and everyone comes dresses in character, tho some just go the Halloween route which is always a hoot. This year we made brats boiled in beer then grilled em', and had every thing else you could imagine. The best part is the deserts though, home made pumpkin cookies and pie! mmm. A family friend/photographer Dianna Reich took these photos go check out her work! http://www.facebook.com/DianaReichPhotography

Monday, October 15, 2012


Packed just the essentials ;)
Down town Flagstaff, my home town!

This is one of my favorite stores in down down Incahoots! its a vintage clothing and costume shop where I got these gloves. The spider knuckle ring I bought at my other favorite shop called Black Hound Gallery.
The Hotel Monte Vista is a historic hotel in down town that is said to be haunted! I enjoy going to the Monte Vista Lounge for the live bands and coocktails!, and the restaurant has great coffee!  http://www.hotelmontevista.com/

Before I left I had to make time to go see the aspens! This is on Snow Bowl road. I love this time of year, the aspens are so pretty when the leafs change.We also had the first snow of the season while I was home! I wish the pictures were more crisp, I forgot the memory card to my camera like a ding bat and was left with my Iphone.