Monday, October 15, 2012


Packed just the essentials ;)
Down town Flagstaff, my home town!

This is one of my favorite stores in down down Incahoots! its a vintage clothing and costume shop where I got these gloves. The spider knuckle ring I bought at my other favorite shop called Black Hound Gallery.
The Hotel Monte Vista is a historic hotel in down town that is said to be haunted! I enjoy going to the Monte Vista Lounge for the live bands and coocktails!, and the restaurant has great coffee!

Before I left I had to make time to go see the aspens! This is on Snow Bowl road. I love this time of year, the aspens are so pretty when the leafs change.We also had the first snow of the season while I was home! I wish the pictures were more crisp, I forgot the memory card to my camera like a ding bat and was left with my Iphone.

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